Urban Uplander Team

Our dream to start a pet care company began in the Late Summer of 2015. A lifetime of owning and caring for animals has driven our desire to work in the pet care field. Using the knowledge gained from working with pets through volunteering, training, and pet-sitting positions allowed us to put together the ideas for what we looked to provide for our own company. We first began as Fluffy Puppy Pet Sitting, named after our eldest dog Sir Mc'Fluffin Stuff. As our company grew, we looked at ways to combine our enjoyment of working with pets into our services. One of our passions is helping dogs obtain skills for their essential purposes, albeit being a well-trained family dog or a dog working in the field! Our name change to Urban Uplander Pet Care represents our change from just a pet-sitting company to a company focused on all aspects of Petcare. We continuously learn about animal safety, animal behavior, and positive reinforcement training to provide the best care possible for all pets. We look to continue to push the company forward and to provide quality pet care to the Broad Ripple Community.
Here is the team of humans that make Urban Uplander possible.

Melinda Benbow


Melinda is the heart, soul, and face of the Urban Uplander. She was worked with animals professionally for about ten years with training and experience in positive reinforcement training, animal behavior, pet safety, and pet health. She is Orvis's Dog Training Ambassodor and enjoys helping pet owners better their bond with their canine companions. She enjoys the sporting side of dog training like hunt tests, dock diving, and other canine sports. Melinda's passion is working with pets and pet parents to help them reach their full potential. The combination of skills, ambition, and professional experience makes her Indy's #1 Pet Care Provider!

Kyle Benbow


Kyle is the Co-Owner and Operator of Urban Uplander Pet Care and Melinda's husband. They have been together since March 2013 and married in August 2019. Kyle has a background in Clinical Psychology and Applied Behavior Analysis, which provided him with knowledge and experience in behavioral changes through reinforcement. He is currently obtaining his Ph.D. at Auburn University in Auburn, AL. While in Alabama, Kyle still works with us as an office administrator. Kyle's love for animals and his education make him a necessary part of Urban Uplander!

Bethany Carter of Sanguine Moon

Photographer and Next Generation Dog Podcast Co-Host

Bethany is a mother, a German shorthaired pointer enthusiast, a photographer, and all-around animal lover. As a registered vet technician she spends her workdays caring for the sick and wounded pets of our community at one of our local notables clinics. She currently has 4 dogs and her pack is still growing.  Bethany also has a wonderful eye for photography and her dog and field photos are especially noteworthy. Bethany obviously wears a lot of hats and she wears them well, but her most important position in life is being a mother to her wonderful children.  Bethany lends her photography skills to Urban Uplander and is also a fantastic dog training companion. There's nothing better than sharing your journey with a trusted friend!

Our Pets!

Here are the companion animals of the Urban Uplander Team! 

Urban Uplander English

Melinda's sport companions, Suge and Jasper, are both English setters. Learn more about them by clicking the link!

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Sir McFluff'n Stuff

Fluff came to us back in early 2013. He has been the eldest and ''leader of the pack" since then. Fluff has a radiant personality, as he loves getting attention from people and playing with his canine friends. 


The newest member of our family is Broomhilda! Broomhilda (Hilda for short) came to us in July of 2019. She has been a fantastic addition to the pack. She also serves as a great running partner. 


Tay Tay was welcomed to the family in 2015. Tay Tay is our "little dog specialist" as she loves being able to run around and chase the dogs that are her size. Her absolute favorite thing to do is curl up on the warm lap of the closest human. Tay Tay is known for her hot pink tail!

Rum Nitty

This is Nitty the Kitty. She and her brothers came to us in the spring of 2020 as orphans around 3 weeks of age. After they became big and strong her brothers found a home together and she stayed here with us and the rest of the Urban Uplander Pack!


Nihili was literally found on our doorstep in 2017. She is a great cat who is fantastic to have around as she gets along with EVERY dog that comes over. She is the perfect balance in a house that is typically filled with canines!

Tink Da Demon

Our Youngest and most mischievous kitty. He is like a Sour Patch Kid... first he is sour then he is sweet! However, he only has love for the dogs.

Sanguine Moon Pack

Bethany's canine companions currently consist of her eldest dog who is a terrier mix, Raaja. Abu, her bully mix, and two German Pointers, Stitch and Mercury. 

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