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What is a Sanguine Moon GSP

Sanguine Moon believes in the heart of the hunter. German Shorthairs are a fantastic versatile breed in their abilities in field work. They are also a wonderful balance of championship on and off the field. SM believes the highest success to achieve is producing amazing dogs from wonderful families that will embrace all of their dog's natural abilities.

The Wild Moon Child

Bethany Carter

Bethany is a mother, a German shorthaired pointer enthusiast, a photographer, and all-around animal lover. As a registered vet technician she spends her workdays caring for the sick and wounded pets of our community at one of our local notables clinics. She currently has 4 dogs and her pack is still growing. Her canine companions currently consist of her eldest dog who is a terrier mix, Raaja. Abu, her bully mix, and two German Pointers, Stitch and Mercury. Over the past few years, German Shorthaired Pointers (GSP) has become a great passion of hers as she has gone from owning her first GSP to being a true fancier for the breed. Bethany's GSPs are dual dogs that compete in both the field and show world among other performance sports like dock diving and lure coursing. Bethany also has a wonderful eye for photography and her dog and field photos are especially noteworthy. Bethany obviously wears a lot of hats and she wears them well, but her most important position in life is being a mother to her wonderful children.

Sanguine Moon GSPs

Sanguine Moon's GSPs at a glance.

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Future Breeding

SM looks forward to pairing families and hunters with puppies in the future.

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