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The Urban Uplander Podcast

A collaborative series hosted by Urban Uplander Pet Care. Tune in weekly as Melinda and her special guests discuss all this upland, hunting dogs, English Setters, pet care, and dog training. 

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Introduction to the Sport of Dock Diving

Episode 5

On this episode of the Urban Uplander Podcast, we sit down with our special guest Alisha Tomac, leader of the Tomac Pack, to discuss the wonderful dog sport of Dock Diving. Join in as Lisha provides us with more insight about her and the Tomac Pack, along with a breakdown of what Dock Diving is, how to participate, how to begin training, and much more.

Urban Uplander's Guidelines and Policies

Episode 4

Urban Uplander runs by a particular standard to make sure we can give all of our clients the care they deserve! In this episode, we go over the guidelines and policies we have in place and why they are there. This episode is to further assist our clients in understanding our roles and responsibilities and may help other pet care providers create rules a regulations to run a pet care company.

Bringing Home a New Puppy

Episode 3

In this episode Kyle and I announce our newest English setter joining our family at the beginning of the year! This episode was recorded before bringing home Jasper the weekend on 1/7. Listen to this episode to learn about how we get our home and yard ready for the homecoming of a new puppy. We also discuss puppy essentials and how to make the trip home as comfortable as possible!

Red River Bird Dogs

Episode 2

In this episode, we sat down and caught up with Holly Hatfield of Red River Bird Dogs! Listen to learn more about Holly’s popular female Facebook group, Bitches with Dogs, and how it came to be! We also discuss how we came to meet and what we have done since then. Holly introduces us to her brand and the dogs that built the brand. We also made sure we wrap up with some field trial breakdowns since that is what Holly and her dogs truly love! Enjoy the episode, and please like and subscribe!

Meet Your Host and Urban Uplander

Episode 1

Welcome to The Urban Uplander Podcast! This is our premiere episode for this series, and what better way to get it started than by introducing the owners and operators of Urban Uplander! Watch or listen to this episode to learn about the journey, the pets, and what to expect in the future!

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